With St John the Evangelist as the College patron and a strong Marist tradition, the Religious Education department seeks through its teachers, its programs and its ministry, activities to generate within the College an atmosphere based on a family spirit, a solid religious foundation and the fostering of a selfless and generous human culture. In this environment the Catholic faith is cherished, and trusting relationships will enable every person to develop to their fullest potential.

As a College formed in the Marist tradition, St John's has as its primary focus to educate its students to be "faithful and active disciples of Christ; to instruct them in all virtues so that they may grow to be upright and decent citizens, and profitable to society; and lastly, to teach them letters in various branches of knowledge." (Constitutions Societatis Mariae).

The College is privileged to have its own Chapel in a central location on campus. We gather as a school community to celebrate a number of significant events in the school year. These liturgies are always a high point in the life of the College as they build a genuine sense of belonging and community.